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Here's 140 Cubic Inches of
Mark Carlton-built Ground-Shaking
2 Wheeled Excitement! 

140 inches of Marc Carlton built Need for Speed !

  You have to be wearing your Big Boy pants to ride this machine !   In 2014 Mark ran this bike at Tulsa Raceway with a 100 inch Fatso motor and a 5 speed trans. He said "It ain't fast enough", so for 2015 He stretched the frame a foot, added a wider rear tire, another gear, and fourty more cubic inches. Changed from an S&S G carb to a Super D. Holy Crap !  With the Wheelie Bars attatched this Bike is around 14 feet long.

   If you want to take a look at it, stop by and say Hi. Mark is happy to talk Drag Racing. We hope you will come out and see it run this year, and are looking forward to a Safe and Exciting season of Drag Racing.